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With an ever-increasing variety of companies and the corresponding upward thrust in records and side computing devices, the world cybersecurity enterprise is forecast to see an 8.7 per cent upward thrust in the cutting-edge year. This upsurge in the cybersecurity market makes it an uphill assignment to hold tempo with the rising malware assaults and cybercrimes globally. In such a scenario, safety statistics and match administration (SIEM) performs a pivotal position in superior chance detection and monitoring. They can analyze the threats, supply insights and grant the response critical to fighting the cause. In tandem with the technological evolution, modern-day SIEM provider carriers have ended up a necessity in the transport of complicated techniques that can put in force these technologies. Along with hazard administration and established monitoring in SIEM, focused assault detection is possibly to be a primary aspect in the coming days. SIEM consultants want to be in a position to mix on-premises and cloud deployments to create a cloud-based SIEM solution that scales and secures consumer trip to the cloud, imparting deep perception into the protection ecosystem and applications. The project with leveraging large quantities of statistics is that it comes in an array of unpredictable formats, however with the superior SIEM, it is viable to achieve real-time insights into this excessive extent of data, with a increased capability to extract, keep and analyze. However, SIEM options have barriers that make them ineffective besides the proper assist and third-party solutions. Unlike a Firewall Security or IDS, a SIEM does no longer screen safety activities however makes use of log information saved by means of them. It is consequently imperative no longer to forget the implementation of these solutions. And as a complicated product that requires aid to make sure profitable integration with the company’s safety controls and the many hosts in its infrastructure.

The Enterprise Security Magazine Lists The Top SIEM Companies 2020

Top SIEM Companies 2020:



Governed by a mission to bring “cybersecurity to everyone,” Assura goes beyond the mechanics of service delivery to develop a mindset of understanding and believing that security is a right and not a privilege, and people deserve to have their sensitive data and systems protected. In the SIEM enterprise security management space, Assura provides innovative cybersecurity advisory and managed services to clients in the government, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. With intent to help clients with cybersecurity and compliance, top-to-bottom and in all respects, Assura’s managed SIEM service rises above just collecting logs and reporting on alerts to enrich the information that their clients use to enhance their business operations and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).



Proficio is a managed security services provider offering a full range of cybersecurity services including managed detection, response and advanced threat detection. Proficio as an award-winning managed security services provider (MSSP) offers a full range of cybersecurity services, including managed detection and response (MDR). Proficio’s innovative approach to managed security service delivery is changing the way organizations defend against advanced threats, achieve regulatory compliance and prevent security breaches. Proficio’s Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service provides highly accurate, 24/7 security monitoring and alerting, advanced threat detection and automated response services.

Tuearis Cyber:

Tuearis Cyber

Texas-based Tuearis Cyber brings their clients best-in-class security technologies and management aimed at resolving threats quickly and preventing potential issues before any damage is done. Tuearis’ core managed security services include network monitoring and SOC, encompassing SIEM technology, firewalls, endpoint security platforms, mobile security, and more. Starting from endpoint security, Tuearis focuses on unified endpoint management, mobile device management all the way up to email security, SOC-as-a-service, firewall-as-a-service, hardware licensing, and managing existing firewalls. Besides, the company’s standard package of securing servers and endpoints also includes an endpoint security platform as well as scanning and patching services.



Vertek is a provider of operations consulting, end-to-end business process outsourcing, business intelligence and software applications. Vertek Corporation was established in 1988 by owner and CEO Jim McCormick. Headquartered in Colchester, VT with offices in New Providence, NJ Vertek has over 30 years of experience delivering innovative solutions that have transformed and accelerated the speed of service delivery operations for carriers, MSOs and MSPs. Vertek’s telecom operations, cybersecurity and custom software services, coupled with their entrepreneurial zeal and approach to service delivery, creates great value to the clients they serve.

Arctic Wolf:

Arctic Wolf

AWN is a Security-as-a-Service company that provides managed threat detection, cybersecurity, cloud monitoring and advisory services for businesses. Arctic Wolf was founded not just to make cybersecurity better, but to redefine it. Co-founders Brian NeSmith and Kim Tremblay realized that cybercriminals were innovating faster than the industry, and so a fundamentally new approach was needed. The answer to better cybersecurity is not buying and deploying the newest silver bullet solution but developing a complete program that can adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. Arctic Wolf partners with companies to do this by delivering a unique SOC-as-a-service that is tailored to fit exactly what each customer needs.



ChannelSOC provides SOC and Risk Services, identifying real cyber threats and helping understand how to better protect businesses. The company has evolved the years and has completed hundreds of successful IT projects that include infrastructure design, networking, virtualization, storage, backup and disaster recovery. CSOC protects their mission-critical services to maintain a level of compliance. CSOC employs a team of certified security and risk specialists including a forensic investigator who is certified on the MITRE attack model. It has responded to dozens of incidents/breaches and has also worked with the FBI and Homeland security. These teams provide their partners with the most comprehensive cyber-security services.



Cygilant provides patch management, vulnerability assessment, AWS monitoring and threat detection solutions for public and private sectors. Mid-sized organizations are struggling to keep up with a constantly changing cybersecurity landscape, due to lean IT staff size, limited IT security budgets and an increasing number of federal, state and industry compliance mandates. While a Global 1000 company may have the financial resources to survive a cybersecurity breach, Ponemon research demonstrates a high likelihood of catastrophic outcome for a mid-sized organization. Cygilant provides affordable cloud-based security monitoring that hunts for threats, responds to incidents, patches systems and supplies audit artifacts for compliance mandates.

GlassHouse Systems:

Glass House

GHS is an IT infrastructure, security and managed services provider that develops, designs and deploys solutions for enterprises in Canada and the US. GHS has the integrity, experience, and expertise to design, implement and manage IT systems in-house, remotely and in the cloud. With 25 years of reputable operations and a talented team led by seasoned industry veterans, GlassHouse Systems (GHS) is an IBM Platinum Partner Business Partner and has the integrity, experience and expertise to design, implement and manage IT systems in-house, remotely and in the cloud.



Kenexis is a consulting engineering firm providing services for process hazards analysis, fire and gas mapping, and industrial cybersecurity. Kenexis focuses on technical safety, cybersecurity, and reliability. Specifically, their services include Safety Instrumented System (SIS) services from the establishment of Safety Integrity Level (SIL), the development of Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS), and quantitative design Verification (SIL Verification). Kenexis experts work closely with client teams to analyze the risks associated with process plant operations using different techniques, including PHA, LOPA and QRA. Kenexis state of the art Fire & Gas Mapping services include performance target selection, detector placement and coverage assessments

Trapp Technology:

Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology offers professional IT services including private cloud, blended bandwidth, voice over IP and consulting services to data centers.Trapp Technology provides innovative solutions to a company’s most complex cloud, voice, security, and IT challenges. Trapp Technology’s services are designed to appeal to the growing number of small- to medium-sized businesses looking to implement solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership, align with internal resources, and leverage the skills and support necessary to achieve business goals.

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